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Athletic Director… . Kevin White


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Kevin White (aka...YT) named USA Wrestling Kids Person of the Year


Kevin White of Minot, N.D. was named Kids Person of the Year by USA Wrestling. The award annually honors a leader who has to made great contributions to Kids wrestling in the United States.

White has served as Kids Director for North Dakota USA Wrestling for the last eight years. He has coached Kids wrestlers for two decades, working on the local, state and regional levels. White has been a member of North Dakota�s board of directors for eight years.

Under his leadership, the number of North Dakota Kids athletes who have participated in USA Wrestling Regional events has grown dramatically. There were 215 North Dakota youth involved at the Regional level this year, up from just over 50 when White began his efforts.

He has served as the director and coach for the Minot MatWrats club for 25 years. White is in his 15th year as an assistant varsity coach for Minot High School. Twice a week during the high school season, White conducts free instruction for elementary school wrestlers after varsity wrestling practices.

White competed at Minot High School, where he was sixth in the state championships. His wife is Tammy and he has two daughters, Kylie and Kelsie.

�What I do with wrestling is provide as many opportunities for kids to be in a positive environment and to grow as individuals,� said White. �We create a family atmosphere, in order to help them succeed in life after wrestling. Without wrestling, I would not have gotten where I have in my life. It teaches you to grit your teeth, overcome failure and learn about yourself.�

Kids Person of the Year
1978 - Bill Knapp, New York
1979 - Ken Coover, Kansas
1980 - Gary Hoyt, Nebraska
1981 - Pat Alexander. Washington
1982 - Dave Gliniecki, Washington
1983 - John Spencer, Idaho
1984 - Jerry Opbroek, South Dakota
1985 - Joe Edmonson, Nebraska
1986 - David Rudrud, Wisconsin
1987 - Virgil Moon, Oregon
1988 - Ron Wagner, North Dakota
1989 - Paul Corder, Missouri
1990 - Ron Reichert, Illinois
1991 - Randy Staab, Washington
1992 - Dan Drinkwine, Minnesota
1993 - Mike McCoy, Florida
1994 - Roger Hanson, Idaho
1995 - Norman Osteen, North Carolina
1996 - Kathy Hopkins, Wyoming
1997 - Steve Wachal, Iowa
1998 - Virgil Moon, Oregon
1999 - Frank Rader, North Carolina
2000 - Sue Siar, Pennsylvania
2001 - Paul DeFosse, Rhode Island
2002 - Steve Knipp, Iowa
2003 - Haswell Franklin, Maryland
2004 – Gregory and Leanna Grater, Kansas
2005 – George Anne and Jim Ritter, Nevada
2006 – Bobby DeBerry, Arizona
2007 – R.E. Hartley, New York
2008 – Kevin White, North Dakota
2009 – Trent McCormick, Indiana
2010 – Craig and Diane LaMont, Utah
2011 – Mike DeRoehn, Wisconsin




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